Friday, December 5, 2008

One of those weeks

Well, it has been one of those weeks were you want to crawl under the covers and never come out and on my call night that thought crossed my mind multiple times. But instead of crawling into one of the on-call bedroom beds with the scratchy blankets that are washed with some detergent that is suppose to not give it a scent but actually leaves them with a slightly mildewed smell (do I need a coma here?) I cried to Daniel on the phone in between admits. Needless to say it was the worst day of residency so far - yes in the nurses work station I would sit in the corner and cry on the phone as I was writing my history and physical. I am sure I looked pretty pathetic but no one seemed to notice too much so I am assuming this is a regular occurance with residents. I don't know if it was the fact that I just spent 9 days with my husband - and by the way I actually love spending time with my husband - or the fact that I felt really rusty/stupid from not being on wards for 2 month (for non-med people ward months are aka for hospitalist months aka doctors that take care of you when you get admitted to a hospital) but I had a HORRIBLE night!! Well, thanks to my husband who so beautifully handles my emotions I made it through the night and now I am feeling better. Daniel had always been my rock and because of his support I know that I will make it through this week. Thanks babe!! I love ya!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vent of the Day and 5 K

I am venting here. One of the most irritating things to me is when someone does not like something/does not do something just because everyone else does!! This is just like doing something because everyone else does it. It is like opposite peer pressure. In some cases I think it is worse because theses people are usually snobs about the "people" that participate in said activity. Okay I am done venting.

On another note. I ran my first 5 K yesterday. It was really fun. Jenna, Tyler and my Mom ran with me. We plan on running another 5 K in December a 10 K in March and a 1/2 Marathon in June. We plan on running our 1/2 marathon in Cali because we prefer to not die in the AZ heat. I guess I better start training because 6 mile which at my snail pace will be about 1 hour of running. I should probably go running now!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I had a smile plastered on my face during my drive to work yesterday and it was not because I love my job. On sports talk they were talking about the SUNS. Yes, I said the SUNS!!! I am soooo excited!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

1 Week

Well my life has a pattern and here it is in a nutshell

Sunday, September 14th - 7 am at hospital and home by 3 pm (this is actually a really short day)
Monday, September 15th - 6 am at hospital, on call so no going home
Tuesday, September 16th - still on call, did not get home until 1 pm
Wednesday, September 17th - 5:50 am hospital and home by 6:30 pm
Thursday, September 18th - 5:45 am hospital and home by 7:00 pm
Friday, September 19th - DAY OFF (after 10 straight days of work)
Saturday, September 20th - 7 am at hospital, on call so no going home until Sunday

And this patter will be repeated next week.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My New Life

Well, I am almost done with my 3 rd week of residency, and so far I have a love/hate relationship with my new life. I love the fact that I am no longer a student!! I was soooooo sick of going to a rotation and seeing patients, writing progress notes and history and physicals on them and then have them not count for a damn thing. Now my H&Ps count, as do my progress notes and I actually get to write orders and they will be done!! However, I hate my hours. I will hit 82 hours this week. 82 hrs in 1 week - that is insane!! Actually, I do not hate my hours when I am at work. I am so busy and I love learning about medicine that my days actually fly by, but it is hard on On Call Days to leave my husband and dogs and know that I will not see them until the next day and even when I do get home I will be so tired that I will be grumpy and so out of it that I will just want to sit there and watch So You Think You Can Dance - which by the way is my favorite summertime show!! Daniel has been amazingly supportive. Today he told me that I was his idol - isn't that sooo sweet. He has been so wonderful. Just yesterday he drove to Ulta to pick up my favorite hairspray. He has even offered to start doing the laundry which is true love coming from Daniel. However, I told Daniel no to the laundry - it makes me feel normal to have to do house work. I mean we already have a cleaner come and do everything else and if I was to do nothing at home I would feel lazy. My dogs definetely miss me and I miss them. I really need to get into a habit of walking them regularly to burn off some of their pent up emotions. I think the hardest part is just the adjustment to my new life. I cannot wait until I can handle cross-cover calls without asking my senior resident for help!! I know this will just come with time, but I cannot wait to be a helpful part of our team. I have been so lucky to have really nice senior residents. I have also learned that even after 4 years of medical school I still know nothing when it comes to clinical medicine. It is amazing what a long road this is I have decided to take, but I love it and am so excited that I am finally Dr Whiting.

PS I am really tired so please excuse the run on sentences and incoherent thoughts

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It is Official

I am now officially Dr Tonya Whiting!!
It seems kind of strange and it definitely has not sunk in yet but it is official!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Next 3 Years

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


1 WEEK!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008



Friday, February 29, 2008

The Next 3 Years of My Life

I am waiting with abated breath - where will I spend the vast majority of my time for the next 3 years. Where will I lay my head every 4th night? Maybe I should say attempt to lay my head. Oh, what I would give to know right now, but I will have to be patient and wait for March 20th!!