Sunday, April 29, 2007


My current rotation is at the VA on Indian School and 7th Street. It is an old building in a not so nice part of town, but to me it is magical!! As you walk down the halls every other person has a hat, shirt, or jacket representing what service or war they served. And it is a SERVICE!! A service that I am so deeply grateful. I feel so honored to meet these amazing people and enjoy listening to their compelling stories. I hope that at the end of my days that I will have lived a life full of stories!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Bailey

Bailey turns 7 today!! Happy Birthday Bailey!! I know that yes she is a dog, but to me Bailey is my first baby. She has been a constant companion, who is always there when I need a hug, who always listens to me, never talks back, and my favorite, always stays up late with me when I am studying (she cannot go back to the bedroom until I do). She is such a momma's girl. Bailey, and all her personality, has enriched my life in numerous ways. I love her dearly and cannot think of the day when she will leave this world with out crying. It is true that pets are good for your health. Anytime I am stressed out with school, I just hold Bailey and I can feel my blood pressure decreasing. Bailey has a lot of personality, she is very type A, stong willed, dominant, and very competitive. When we take her to the dog park she will out fetch all of the big dogs and we usually have atleast two people come up to us to tell us that our dog is so fast, we just beam with pride. She is my baby, my first baby, and I will always love you Bailey!!

Enjoy the Journey

I decided to name my blog Enjoy the Journey in honor of Daniel, my husband. Daniel is frequently reminding me to "Enjoy the Journey" through life and as I get irritated with him when he says this I know how true it is! This is a lesson I still have not learned, but I have Daniel there to remind me. Daniel uses this phrase regularly when I am stressed about school and I have been in a terrible FUNK recently!! I DRAG myself to work everyday with a bad attitude. I know that I should be greatful for the opportunity of receiving the education that I am receiving (some day I will be able to save lives and enhance quality of life), yet I still find a way to have a bad attitude about this, I amaze myself. I get so mad at myself for being so selfish and immature, but then I talk to my best friend Anne, who is also a 3rd year, and she is having a terrible time, so I have realized it is not just me. I think all med students feel this way at some time and the thought that I get to do another year of rotations just about does me in. Oh well, suck it up Tonya and "Enjoy the Journey" of med school!!