Friday, March 26, 2010


Again, it has been a while since I last posted. Life for me is the same - life of a resident. I had last week of as I always take Spring Break off - my Birthday always fall during Spring Break and my little bros have school off also so we can do family things together. This Spring Break was a little different. We did not go to San Diego and our trip to the Dunes was very short lived but I did have a great time going hiking with my mom, Daniel and Bailey at Peralta Trail. Daniel and I have become much more active over the last year and it has been fun to do physically active activities with my hubby. I will be running (I should say slowly jogging) my first 1/2 marathon this weekend with my sis-in-law squared Jenna. I ran a lot growing up but it was always in pursuit of a ball so this running for running alone is a new concept that I started to pick up in my 3rd year of medical school and it has just slowly grown. I ran my first 5K my intern year and then my first 10K just last month. I am really glad that I have a running buddy or it would just not be as fun. The 13.1 miles is a little daunting but it should be fun. I keep telling Jenna that our next goal will be a marathon. Jenna is not quite sold on the idea but I think that we will both get sucked into the idea after this weekend.


Dad Mom said...

Good for you. Love you guys. Aunt Inez

Amy said...

I'm sure the 1/2 marathon went great. You guys have been so amazing with all of the training. I definitely think you should do a full marathon. That's a HUGE milestone!

Becky said...

Hi Tonya,

HOW ARE YOU? I saw Mandy awhile ago and she told me you were pregnant? If so...CONGRATULATIONS! You will be an amazing mom! Congrats with your accomplishment in school, I always knew you would get there. Hope all is well!