Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My month

This month has been an interesting one. It has been heart wrenching and amazing at the same time. I have seen patients recover when I did not think possible and then I have seen the other spectrum - patients completely healthy 2 weeks before get sick and die rapidly. It is amazing how you deal with this as a healthcare provider. Some days I just couldn't deal with it so I would just wall it off in my heart and other days I would end up in the bathroom crying. It was amazingly hard to see the families deal with their grief. It was especially hard for me to watch the families of the previously healthy patients who just tanked all of a sudden - they have no time to adjust to the thought that their loved one might not be here tomorrow. Life is so wonderful and you never know what tomorrow will bring. I hope that from this experience that I will remember to tell my husband and family more often how much I love them. It has also been an amazing learning experience. The ICU is a different kind of beast and I really enjoy the acuity and I love doing the procedures. Next month I will be at the VA for Wards for the first time as a resident. I have heard that the first week is hell. Everything is coputerized there which is wonderful once you learn how to work within the system but for the first couple of days you do not even know how to order a simple blood test. My co-interns told me to warn my husband that it will be a good day if I am home by 8 pm on a normal non-call day. Well, I guess I will find out on Monday.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year

I am officially half way through my intern year!! December was definitely the worst month of my intern year. I am doing much better emotionally - less crying fits - which my makeup appreciates, but again I do wear waterproof mascara. I will start another rough month of q (aka every) 4 day call as I will be in the ICU but I have heard from the other interns that it is an amazing learning experience. I had a wonderful Christmas even though I had to work. It was great to talk to my kid brother Tomo. I cannot believe that he will be home in 7 months!! I am so excited to see him. He is doing so great and has a cute little Spanish accent and I love how he forgets how to say certain words in English. I had a really fun New Year's Eve hangin with my in-laws and my fam but I was on call all New Year's Day. I really missed not being at the Dunes. For the last 3-4 years we have spent New Year's Day at the Dunes which has been a blast but with my schedule it has been much harder to get down there. Well, Megan has got the cutest little prego belly!! Some people are just not cute when they are prego - one big bump from boobs down to pelvis - but not Meg, she just looks adorable. I have this weekend off. It is amazing how after working a resident's schedule I apprecite a 2 day weekend. It is actually a little pathetic how much having 2 days off in a row makes me giddy but what can I say 2 day off is just FABULOUS!! Well, off to spend time with my hubby who also loves me having 2 days off in a row!!